The 2002 Black and Gold Gala
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The 2002 Black and Gold Gala

The 2002 Black and Gold Gala

Saturday, April 6, 2002 marks the evening of the 2002 Black and Gold Gala sponsored by Powerful Actors Anonymous, in conjunction with AIDS Healthcare Foundation and The Laugh Factory. The private, invitation only, event honors actor Christian Moralde on the occasion of his 30th birthday. Over two hundred of Christian’s friends and family are expected to attend from many different countries and states worldwide. Sponsors for the silent auction benefiting AIDS Healthcare Foundation include Dreamworks SKG, Universal Studios, executive producers of Alias and Everybody Loves Raymond, Hollywood Connections and The Tony Hawk Foundation.
This year’s event will be held at the Los Angeles Yacht Club, Marquis Tent in Marina Del Rey, California. The address is 4469 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, California 90292. The event time will occur from 7:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. with red carpet arrivals beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Originally published April 6th 2003.

So what’s the big deal about turning 30 years old?
Oh my God it is a big deal! Think about it. I’m leaving my twenties which, as I see it, is my adolescence. It’s a time to celebrate. I’m an old man from here on out.

You’re an old man at the age of 30?
Not necessarily an old man, but it’ll be all downhill from here. I mean, what’s the next milestone? Forty years old.

So you figured you’d throw a big party?
A party with a purpose.

I like the fact that AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the main benefactor. 
I strongly believe in what they do. As far the magnitude in the celebration itself, all my life, I’ve had this fantasy. It’s not the typical fantasy of owning a yacht or being a supermodel. One of my biggest fantasies is to have a room filled with memories of people from my life that I love and care about. The relationships that I’ve made and maintained are the most precious to me. I just want to be able to look around the room and say, “Yeah, this is my life in people!”

And on such a large scale?
It’s the only way to get people to come from EVERYWHERE!

What has been your favorite moment to date?
I’ve had so many. I’ve honestly been blessed by such positive experiences from my first thirty years. There’s a lot of them.

Name some.
Watching the space shuttle launch from Florida, giving my grandma’s eulogy, walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards, swimming with fish in Jamaica, being one of the first stars of the film shot on-location in Berlin, Germany, being college president…

That’s a lot!
You’ve got me on a roll.

Go on.
I interviewed Billy Bob Thornton with an acting group I started. I’ve also ridden through the Venice canals, went horse back riding in Malibu, starred on Party of Five, visited Grecian ruins and was a writer for a national magazine.

Tell me about your one-man show.
It’s called “Don’t Call Me Walter!” It’s based on my life, experiences, and friends. It’s still in development and hopefully, God willing, be put up next year.

You sound really active and busy.
My sister says I’m like the guy from Rushmore who tackles all of these projects only more successful at it. 

You take on a lot. Why is that?
I like to keep busy. Last year my project was to start my own guided walking tour of Hollywood Boulevard. 

How did that go?
It went well. I got to meet great people from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?
Hopefully, surviving! (laughs) No, seriously, I’d love to be a host of something on television and then parlay that into acting.

What would you like to host?
I don’t know. An entertainment show possibly.

Describe yourself in one word.
I can’t. 

Okay, give me some words that come to mind.
Conscientious, trustworthy, thoughtful, energetic, eclectic, worrisome, genuine, and let’s pick one more…charismatic.

And humble.
I would have to have very low self esteem to sprout off a bunch of negative words, wouldn’t I?

I just wish that somehow in this interview, you could state that it took me a while to come up with those adjectives. 

Noted. Let’s get back on track. What are you most thankful for?
I think you should ask “who” am I most thankful for. I am thankful to God, my parents, and the people in my life.

It’s obvious that the people in your life mean so much to you.
I grew up moving around a lot. I was a fat kid with very little friends. I mean, kids spit on me and I was made fun of. I got called every name of the book you could imagine.

I find that hard to believe.
It’s true. So now I appreciate that people in my life who love me for who I am. Having good people to surround yourself by is hard. Genuinely good people are hard to come by. I honestly feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Cheers to that! You deserve the best!
I already feel like I have the best in this life has to offer!