2009 in Review
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2009 in Review

2009 in Review

2009 is a year that is marked for its loss of many beloved entertainers. Personally,
the passing of writer and director John Hughes is one loss that has greatly affected me.

If you are familiar with his work, you know that his movies captured the essence of youth.
He allowed his characters the freedom to be awkward and naive while experiencing the
thrills and wonderment of being young. This youthful mindset is one that I wish for all of
you to relish for all time. There is much beauty in absorbing experiences from a youthful
perspective. I firmly believe that many of my positive experiences this year have a
heightened sense of wonderment by following this philosophy.

My greatest pleasure this year is adopting a black and white dog. Nicknamed “Fuzzy Face”
and officially named “Rocco”, he has brought many smiles to my daily life. Fortunately,
the smiles do not stop there. I smiled when I celebrated 12 years of membership with
the Screen Actors Guild. I smiled with my record number of auditions and positive notes
and callbacks from E! Entertainment. And, I smiled when I had the privilege to tour the
famous Pasadena Showcase House, when one of my favorite friends became a design

Often times, my childlike smiles turned into laughter. I laughed out loud when my
multi-talented friend, Kristin and I decided to put secret notes in Julia Roberts’ dressing
room. I had to laugh when I was assumed to be an illegal alien while shopping in
downtown L.A. And, I laughed (with much embarrassment) when I took off a (personal)
expensive ring at a dollar store, and accidentally bought it back for one dollar.

2009 is also the year that brought me a lot of pride. I took pride in hosting a coronation
ball, performing in a staged reading and serving as the host for the City of Glendale’s
outdoor street festival. Pride seeped in as I watched a friend win an Emmy Award and
another one win an Oscar. And, I smiled with pride when I finally surrendered my KFC
coupon for a free meal at KFC.

As always, this is the year that I experienced many “firsts”. I absorbed all of these
novice experiences from a youth oriented mind set. 2009 was the first time that I
walked the fashion runway to a Katy Perry song, brunched in Berkely, CA and received
a tooth implant. (2009 was also the year that I changed my hairstyle…the first time
in a dozen years). I’ve been fortunate to be on the guest list for many out of the ordinary
events: A Playboy Mansion Party, a Game Show Convention, a Plus Sized Fashion Show
and an up close meet and greet with the cast of my (current) favorite show: GLEE.

Unfortunately, not all of my experiences in 2009 were positive. My year started off by
receiving a haircut from a non-English hairdresser that was fuming at her boss. Having
her explode into verbal fits of rage while cutting my hair was extremely scary. Sadness
crept in during February of this year, when gross water damage affected my home.
Midyear brought by additional sadness as I attended the Michael Jackson memorial at
the Staples Center. And, further sadness crept in as I searched for lost car keys
throughout an Orange County museum……keys that never turned up. Additional
sadness occurred in the OC as an expensive birthday present that I had purchased
was stolen from a friend’s gift table. On a positive note, I was only sick once this
year: during Thanksgiving and The Hollywood Christmas Parade.

2009 will also be marked as the year that I was confused, content, and excited. I was
confused as to the gender of a fellow airplane passenger (one that I sat next to for six
hours en route to New York). While in New York, I was content having dinner with my
high school’s prom queen. And, I became excited…coming back to Los Angeles to
attend a high profile auction for an esteemed entertainment prop house.

As you have read, I’ve had an event filled 2009. Good or bad, every experience is
one that I am thankful for. I am thankful to God, my family and my friends
(who are like family).

I’d like to end my end of the year wrap up with one of my favorite quotes from the
John Hughes movie FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF. As Ferris says, “Life moves
pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
” It is my wish for all of you to absorb your experiences and allow the positive
times to emanate in you…and allow the negative times the ability to stimulate