Press Links
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Press Links

Want to find out more about Christian? Check out some of these other websites for further information on your favorite guy…

Myspace Website for Fans 

CHRISTIAN AT THE 2005 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS (Choose advanced, type in 4170944 under image number)

Website for Professional Actor’s Credits

Website for casting Christian

Website to view Christian’s nationally recognized titles in speech in debate

(Check out the “Past Champions” page for 1995)

Website for Manpaper

Website for Christian interviewing star of PROJECT RUNWAY

Website for the 2007 Grammy Awards, backstage

Website for designer Emilio O.

Website to see auditions for Christian’s co-host

Website for Rob Greer Photography

Website for red carpet appearance at the Reality Awards

Website for book endorsement of PAPER DOLL

PRESS PHOTOS FROM THE 2012 BLACK & GOLD GALA—Gold-Gala-held-at-The-L-A–Studio-Center–Where–Los-171268/photo/821883

Website for exclusive Arizona State Interview about Moralde’s NYC debut

Website for Moralde’s mention in TIMEOUT NYC magazine

Website for’s mention of DON’T CALL ME WALTER!

Website for’s participation at the United Solo festival

Website citing performer, John Leguizamo, as an inspiration to Moralde

Website for and DON’T CALL ME WALTER!