The Story
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The Story

Actor, model, host and philanthropist, Christian Moralde does it all; but his focus has always been to help people. Whether it be through his acting, his community service or dedication to his family and friends, Moralde possesses more than typical star quality.

Professionally, Moralde is an actor. “I remember when I was in the second grade. I was a very, very chubby kid. We did a Christmas pageant where each student was assigned a letter in the alphabet and associated it with Christmas. Mine was the letter ‘T.’ I got onstage and said, ‘T is for the children’s eyes, whose eyes begin to tire.’ The audience loved how fat I was, cheered and applauded and I was hooked ever since.”

And, hooking audiences and critics is what Moralde does. In 2005, Moralde’s autobiographical show, DON’T CALL ME WALTER! was written, performed, and staged by Moralde himself. With it’s world premiere and sixteen show run, DON’T CALL ME WALTER! was met with critical enthusiasm for both it’s performing and writing. Moralde’s writing was greeted with such praise, that he has also ventured into writing a book. His book, ACT ON THIS! is in it’s final stages of completion and hopes to hit bookstores shortly.

Additional praise was recieved by Moralde's work, this time on television. As the host of the show DEBUT on PBS, Moralde's charm and charisma attracted attention: DEBUT was the recipient of a 2007 Emmy nomination. The same year, Moralde made his debut as a host of the NBC show, YOUR LA, shot on location in London England.

With a long list of credits in the theatre to several nationally seen commercials, Moralde has been seen on Fox’s Golden Globe winning show, PARTY OF FIVE. ¬†Additionally, he was also cast in one of the leading roles in the German movie, STREETS OF BERLIN, show on-location in Germany. ¬†He has taught acting workshops in high schools and helped start an acting group geared towards educating students on HIV awareness. Despite his high profile exposures in front of the camera, Moralde believes that his greatest contribution to the acting community is the nonprofit acting organization he founded in 1998 called Powerful Actors Anonymous. It is a group focused on the business side of acting and achieving success.

“Powerful Actors Anonymous has garnered recognition from Emmy winners to Oscar winners,” says Moralde, “We’re a contagious group as far as enthusiasm and determination is concerned.”

On a personal level, Moralde has always given back to the community. Since college, he has been a part of many profit-free organizations helping the hungry, homeless and ill-afflicted. Organizations that he has been involved in range from the St. Vincent de Paul Society to AIDS Project Los Angeles, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, DARE-Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and SU2C. Moralde says that not only was it beneficial to work in a rewarding environment, but his experiences also allowed his communication skills to flourish through being an activist. And that’s one of the top areas that Moralde excels in: communicating.

“Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always been the communicator. I wrote for the 35th largest newspaper in the country, was an on-air disc jockey, joined the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, provided tours around Arizona State University, hosted my own show called Behind the Scenes on television and then became an on-air reporter for Burbank Magazine,” says Moralde.

His love for communicating also led to awards.

During his time as a Communications major at Arizona State University, Moralde not only served as his college president, but participated in speech competitively.

“The days that I competed in college were some of the best memories of my life to date, ” says Moralde. Apparently, Moralde made more than memories during his competitive days on the ASU speech team. His skills in public speaking and acting have garnered him top acclaim, advancing to every final round of every national tournament. In his senior year alone, he had six first place awards, three second place awards, seven third place awards and ten finalist awards. He is also a national champion honored by Phi Rho Pi.

All this , and Moralde was a student on the Dean’s List, receiving top honors academically.

Evidently, Moralde is a hard worker, seldom stopping to take a breath.

“I’ve done everything from tutoring college students to traveling to Italy, Germany, Spain, Jamaica, Mexico and Greece! I feel like the luckiest guy alive, ” says Moralde. “I have been to places and done things most ‘normal’ people don’t get a chance to do. I’ve ridden elephants and horses, climbed to the top of Empire State Building, visited the Philippines, enjoyed clam chowder in Seattle and created art through painting. At times, I feel very complete.”

It seems that Moralde has always been on the quest to experience life and be “complete”- and this is not different from his teenage years.

“I’ve always been the type of individual to try many things and commit myself to doing the best that I can,” says Moralde, who was very involved early on in high school. Attending Cortez High School in Phoenix, Arizona, Moralde was extremely involved. “I was voted ‘Mr. Outgoing’ of my high school class,” says Moralde who was elected as the editor of the school newspaper, the president of the Quill & Scroll Society, the Drama club vice-president, Speech team secretary, SADD publicity manager, Language Alliance treasurer and Student Council senator.”

Despite all of the acclaim, success and experiences that Moralde has endured, he is most thankful for the people in his life. “I strongly believe that God has placed certain individuals in my life to bless me, sort of like an extension of Himself.” In the simplest terms, Moralde says, “I wouldn’t change a thing with my life. I’ve always believed on the motto, ‘no regrets.'”