2008 in Review
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2008 in Review

2008 in Review

Everyday,  as I drive to work, I pass by a billboard with one word:  Reach.
I  have  to admit that it seems appropriate to pass this daily message as I
start  my  day.  2008 has been a year of “reaching” for me.  I’ve stretched
to  reach  my  goals.  I’ve  reached  within  my inner being to absorb and
remember  meaningful  experiences that have occurred throughout 2008.  And,
I’ve worked on climbing to reach out of troubled times.

As  I  write  this, I am moved by what God has given me in my life.  He has
not only given me the greatest people to surround me with, but he has given
me  circumstances  and  experiences that I am truly thankful for.  It seems
that  He  has  reached  down to provide me with interesting, memorable, and
enjoyable experiences.

My  most  memorable experience this past year occurred in New York City.  I
found  myself  upon  a  rooftop  deck  in  Manhattan  on  Tony Awards night
celebrating the win of IN THE HEIGHTS for numerous Tony Awards. The evening
was  heightened  by  being  surrounded  by friends, loved ones, a beautiful
night  and  lively  music.    From  there, celebrations were endless.  From
three weddings to my own rooftop birthday party (encompassing the 2nd floor
of a club).  I am blessed.

I’ve  travelled  to  different  (local)  places  this  year.  Each location
conjures  up  a  distinct  memory.  In  Sacramento, I went shopping by the
riverbanks.  In  San  Francisco,  I  road  on  a trolley car and landed in
Fisherman’s  wharf.  In Northridge, I went to a close friend’s own private
and  personal  Lucille  Ball  Museum.    In  Pasadena,  Chyna  and  I  went
chandelier shopping (and ended up with three of them.)  At UCLA, I attended
a  dance-a-thon  fund-raiser.    And, in the Hollywood Hills, I had my own,
non-threatening stalker at a birthday party.

This  year,  I’ve  reached  to try and escape my addictions….without much
luck.  2008  is  the  yeart  that I became addicted to Facebook and my DVR
(which  was  one  of  the  prizes  I received as a DEAL OR NO DEAL audience
member.)    I also became addicted to digital frames and the movie SLUMDOG
MILLIONAIRE (I’ve seen it many times.)

Professionally,  I’ve  done  things  to  help  me  accomplish  my goals.  I
developed  a  pilot  television show entitled STAR TREATMENT.  I compiled a
new  dvd reel of my work.  I was the subject of a high fashion photo shoot.
And,  also  shot publicity shots for an upcoming film, on the beach.  Aside
from  all this, I became an on-line  blog contributor, starred in a PROJECT
RUNWAY  spoof,  and  entertained  meetings  with New York publishers Harper
Collins  and  Random  House for an upcoming book deal.  My personal website
was also updated this year (www.christianmoralde.net).

I reached deep within the universe and captured new experiences.  I went to
my  first  Bonham  & Butterfields auction and also managed to travel with a
four  foot tall panda to New York City (a gift for my God-daughter).  I was
proud when I changed my condo lock (all by myself).  And, I donated my time
for  an  organization  dedicated  to  phone  support  for  troubled youth.
Another  interesting  experience  was  attempting  to  rescue  a  misplaced
Chihuahua  on  the  side  of the 110 freeway (he escaped unharmed.)  I also
became daring and went to my local U-Haul sidewalk and hired an out of work
immigrant to do yard work.

2008  was  also  a troubled time for me.  This is the year that I spent the
Fourth  of July and Halloween with myself.  It is the year that I witnessed
my car getting towed, received (another) j-walking ticket, and, fractured a
tooth-resulting  in  an extraction.  Perhaps the biggest horror for me this
year  was  a vehicle/bicycle collision with an illegal alien who darted (on
bicycle),  unexpectedly in front of my car.  Thankfully, all is fine.  But,
all was not fine days after spending Oscar night at the Four Seasons Hotel,
(I had a two week hang-over.)

This  year,  I  reached  to  re-connect  with  others.  I  am thankful for
re-connecting with old high school friends and my high school Speech Coach.
And,  I  was able to reconnect with former members of my acting group (PAA)
for our tenth anniversary reunion.  Importantly, I’ve been connecting to my
inner-self and working on exercising self-improvement through spirituality,
prayer, religion and the Law of Attraction.

In terms of reaching on a physical level, this year resulted in reaching to
touch different people and things.  I reached out to touch the walls of St.
Francis’  church  in San Francisco, one of the holiest places on earth.  My
hands  reached  out  to erect a trellis, redesigning the patio to my master
bedroom.  And,  my  hand  reached  out to shake Michael Phelps hand; weeks
after he became a record-breaking Olympian.

Overall,  I  am  pleased  with all of my experiences of reaching.  It is my
wish for all of you to reach out and make your dreams a reality.  Reach out
of  your  comfort level and touch new experiences.  I strongly believe that
your life’s dreams and experiences are only a reach away……………….