2010 in Review
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2010 in Review

2010 in Review

It’s all a matter of perspective.

2010 may be deemed as a year of misfortune for me … or, it may be seen as a year of celebration. I choose to honor this past year as a year of celebration!

My celebratory year includes many fun occurrences. From celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Republic Pictures to TITANIC star, Gloria Stuart’s 100th birthday, I celebrated this year with laughter and smiles. My friends celebrated me with a rooftop birthday party at an L.A. hotel and months later, I was able to celebrate Miss Philippines’ inclusion into the finals of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Anytime one commemorates a “first time” , it is always a cause for celebration. 2010 marked my first anniversary with one of my favorite beings, my dog Rocco “Fuzzy Face” Moralde! It also marked the first time that I stepped into a Broadway star’s dressing room: my friend, Kristin Chenoweth. From playing a Bell Boy for a DoubleTree Hotel’s shoot to driving my first golf cart for a hosting segment on a golf course, I’ve celebrated many inaugural moments this year. Additional “first” moments include rewiring an elaborate chandelier into a custom-made floor lamp, being the first client to visit the famed Beverly Hills club VIP Bar 21, and watching some friends perform at a RENT all-star revival at The Hollywood Bowl

Although some may see my “misfortunes” from 2010 as a negative, I see them all as opportunities for celebratory gratitude.

  • I AM grateful that my August rear-end collision did not cause any permanent damage to myself or my vehicle.
  • I AM grateful that the gross water damage in my home … (one that has not yet been resolved) has not resulted in unrepairable damage to my condo.
  • I AM grateful that friends of mine did not suffer from Salmonella poisoning over contaminated Costco salami that I brought to a potluck this past January.
  • I AM grateful that Casey Affleck was able to complete his first documentary (on Joaquin Phoenix) … even though footage of me ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • I AM grateful that my lost debit card was able to be replaced … with all my funds still intact.
  • I AM grateful that I had the chance to befriend someone who I grew to love unconditionally, before she passed away: My friend, Yvonne.
  • And, I am grateful that my friend, actress Q’Rianka Kilcher, is now out of jail after staging a protest at The White House.

This past year is also a year that I celebrated the fruits of hard work. This year, I cemented a production deal with a great production company … developing a show vehicle on my talents. In April, I also worked my ass off … jumping over a hundred times … wearing tuxedo shoes … in the “rain” … all for THE shot. (It paid off.) And, I was also able to open a small, successful shop at a famed Sherman Oaks Mall.

2010 has also been a year that doesn’t require the need to put an occurrence into perspective. There were many moments that simply flowed … moments such as having Red Bull girls pop-up as last minute sponsors of a family garage sale, getting to connect and befriend Mo’Nique and Ricki Lake, shopping (for the first time in over 15 years) with my mom and dad on Black Friday, and housing my dear friend Nikki before she premiered with her own daily-New-Mexico-morning-television-show.

It is through channeling gratitude that I firmly believe I have had the opportunity to attract many joyful moments from this past year. From getting photographed with such icons as the Original cast of the motion picture LOVE STORY to Lady Gaga, I experienced many healthy doses of joy. Additional moments of fun include dressing up as Liberace for Halloween, shopping at Peter Brady (Christopher Knight’s) estate sale, and visiting the cast of GLEE backstage for their PaleyFest appearance.

Yes, I’ve had happier years than this past one. But, experiencing less than desirable moments only allows for elevated happiness during times of joy. There was never a moment during this past year that I was not thankful for having my parents alive and well … and, I’m glad that our family was started exactly forty years ago, this year. In good times and in bad, the sheer existence of my life and the lives of ALL of the people I care about allows me to exercise my gratitude regularly.

In my eyes, gratitude equates celebration.

As I said, it’s all a matter of perspective.