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Listening to an audio book this past fall, this realization by the author struck a chord with me: “I’m at a point in life where I have more yesterdays than tomorrows”. Immediately, I wondered where I fall on that spectrum. Many would say I have an equal amount of yesterdays and tomorrows. I’m not too sure about that…and I’m good with that.

The highlight to having more “tomorrows” would surely be to witness the evolution of my nephew, Thaddeus. His birth this past September brought out the greatest avalanche of emotion for me within the past year.

My “yesterdays” connected to my present day when 2017 became a year of reunions for me. A favorite moment was reuniting with members of the exclusive Arizona State University organization, Devil’s Advocates, at a 50th Anniversary celebration this past spring. Months later, I was reunited with my first playmate – Lani. (Lani is my Godmother’s daughter, and as a toddler,). It’s been decades since we’ve connected, and I am grateful to be in contact with her again. My third reunion was with an old friend from Madrid, Spain – Miguel. I met Miguel in 1995, and 2017 is the year that we reconnected after last seeing each other in 2002. A wonderful day was spent with him and his girlfriend at Warner Bros. Studios.

As I reminisce about my time spent at Warner Bros., other notable places I’ve visited over the last year come to mind. In July, I went to see the Huntington Gardens and enjoyed afternoon tea within the impeccable setting. In November, I had dinner at a property formerly owned by Cary Grant in Palm Springs. Other fun outings included shopping at Dr. Phil’s estate sale, sightseeing in the streets of NYC, visiting the majestic church of Notre Dame in Montreal, Canada, and experiencing a magical evening during a return visit to the Magic Castle.

Looking back at my year, I am happy that my “yesterdays” included work within the entertainment industry. From starring in a web series, hosting a live event for Palm Desert Fashion Week, and being the on-camera face for the Media Access Awards for their online live feed, I am grateful for the opportunities to continue to be part of the field of entertainment. Least favorite industry moments from this past year included witnessing the Best Picture fiasco firsthand at the Oscars, and becoming involved in a Fil-Am entertainment organization that wasn’t especially inclusive.

While there is the fulfillment of working within entertainment, I have also delighted in being a spectator to some wonderful live performances this past year. I was mesmerized by the presence of Tony Winner Lea Salonga, seated third row center at her concert in Phoenix. Combining great entertainment with charitable efforts, I felt privileged to attend the benefit performances for some Broadway-based charities such as Concert for America and Broadway to the Rescue. The most noteworthy performance that I experienced, however, was seeing DEAR EVAN HANSEN on Broadway on the eve of the Tony Awards. For that, I am grateful.

Like many years, “yesterdays” of the past year included moments of sadness. I was sad to say goodbye to my good friend, Steve, who suddenly passed away from cancer. I was also sad (and scared) for the brush fires that edged closely to my home in Burbank. My bout of sadness took on a different layer during an October visit to a historical cemetery in New Orleans. Seeing tombstones from eras gone by, I reflected on life and my own mortality.

In keeping balance with the sad, this past year has also had some happy and surprising moments. The most notable involved seeing a social media post by my favorite celebrity, Annie Lennox. After meeting her by chance in the fall, she decided to dedicate an Instagram posting to me. Words cannot express how touched I was to be thought of by the iconic singer and philanthropist.

Admittedly, it sounds like I have an interesting life. But, there is a lot of normalcy to my “yesterdays” as well. 2017 events included surviving the lines for Black Friday, having a garage sale, staring into the solar eclipse (with those special glasses), dressing my dog Rocco up for Halloween (follow him on his new Instagram: blackandwhiteunderbite).

As I close 2017, it was interesting to revisit all that I mentioned in this annual review. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have so many experiences within my “yesterdays”. I hold those moments in my heart. And, I pray that my “tomorrows” will be filled with continued joy, love and graces from God. May you all look back at 2017 as a year filled with memorable moments and may your yesterdays be as enriching as your tomorrows.