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It is indeed a golden time.

Gold is valuable, coveted and radiant. As humans, we seem to have an innate attraction to “go for the gold”. During 2022, I was able to experience many variations of gold.


This year was a groundbreaking year. My 50th birthday was ushered in with friends and family at the 2022 Black & Gold Gala. With friends and artists traveling near and far, it was truly touching to be in a celebration with so many. I wouldn’t trade that evening for bars of gold.


I love the purity of white gold. White and gold invoke images of divinity and incorruptibility. Thankfully, 2022 has brought me many moments of divine bliss. My nephew is a source of joy. Throughout the past year, we had a myriad of adventures. In early Fall, we took part in flashlight night at the Desert Botanical Gardens. And, over the Summer, we toured the Long Beach Aquarium and later constructed marble runs on his 5th birthday. Perhaps my favorite moments with him are the occasional moments I get to pick him up from preschool. Another source of joy is Rocco. In March, he and I went paddle boating at Echo Park Lake and in November we got to visit lavender fields in Los Olivos followed by visiting an ostrich habitat in Solvang. During our visit with the ostriches, we had the pleasure to witness a golden sunset. It is indeed wonderful to be bathed in golden rays.


Gold filled isn’t the purest of golds, but it definitely does carry significance. Significant moments for me in 2022 include attending the LVI Super Bowl (with the most impressive sideline adjacent seats). This experience was followed by another gold filled moment: I got to shoot my very own version of my favorite music video: George Michael’s “Freedom 90”. Rounding out my year of fun, I was declared a big winner at Drag Queen Bingo in West Hollywood! (I scored bottle service by winning blackout on my bingo card).

14kt GOLD:

Composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy, my 14kt gold moments are all noteworthy, but hold a smaller significance for 2022. Unexpected and fun, my collection of moments are unique and random. It was a random moment to see my handwriting featured on the FX show BETTER THINGS. Likewise, it was a random moment witnessing a group of Costco employees expressing interest in a personal photobook. And, it was a surprising moment to be trending on Instagram with a video of me going down a slide connected to a downtown building.


Otherwise known as fake gold, this sort of gold can be deceiving and ultimately disappointing. Artificiality surfaced this year. From long time friends to celebrity friends, professional friends and even family members, I’ve learned a lot about where I stand with certain people. Fools gold doesn’t really have any value, and, for a good number of people in 2022, I was their fool’s gold.


Rose gold doesn’t tarnish with time. It has staying power. My favorite show of the year is Netflix’s HEARTSTOPPER and my favorite film of the year is CODA. Both featured touching stories that have stayed with me long after the credits rolled. Another individual that has made an impact through the years is my 3rd grade teacher from 29 Palms, California. This year, with the magic of Facebook, we are in touch once again.


Known by my inner circle to be my favorite night of the year, the Golden Globes is a fun filled night of eccentric celebrity stories. I had a lot of those this year. In February, I was trapped in a Hollywood parking garage with Wolfgang Puck. In March, I watched Ann-Margaret have an on-stage wardrobe malfunction at the Beauty Awards. In June, Amy Sedaris took my advice to auction off a personal item from Justin Theroux for a charity organization. And, in September, I bought Sebastian Stan a drink. (He drinks a Vodka Soda).


I recently heard that a goldfish will only grow to the size it’s reasonably able to due to its surroundings. Evidently the growth of a goldfish is constrained by the size of its tank. Comparatively, our growth may be limited by our environment. My wish is that we all grow to our fullest potential. May we overcome our limitations in 2023 and expand our development to foster positivity, love and renewed fervor.

I thank you for being a part of my journey in 2022. If you’re reading this, I value you and yours. May your holidays be filled with 24kt gold moments and may your New year be filled with countless kernels of golden nuggets.